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Tourist attractions in the region

While spending good times in our hotel we would like to encourage you in active leisure.
We recommend:

  • Horse riding
  • Fishing
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Artistic pottery workshops
  • Galleries of pictures and sculptures
  • Scenic flights above the Bieszczady Mountains
  • Paragliding
  • Gliding
  • Paintball
  • Quad biking
  • Off road cars driving

It is worth seeing:

  • The Kmita Family Castle built in the second half of the fifteenth century
  • Town hall
  • Jewish cemetery
  • Synagogue


We help our guests to obtain a licence for fishing ground.

Most of the species of freshwater fish living in Poland may be fished in rivers and water bodies in the Bieszczady Mountains. In the River San and its tributaries fish from the species of salmon, trout and grayling may be fished. The section of the San from the mouth of the River Hoczewka to the mouth of the River Oslawa in Zagórz is highly recommended. There are magnificent trout, grayling and danube salmon among which some specimens please experienced anglers no end. Acceptable methods of fishing are spinning and an artificial fly. Protective size of grayling is 35 centimetres, of trout 30 centimetres and of danube salmon70 centimetres. There is a limit on trout and grayling up to 3 fish per day. Close season for trout lasts from 1st September to 31st January and for grayling from 1st January to 31st May. It is advisable to fish with the use of a hook without a barb according to the rule ‘catch and free’. The section of the River San from a hydroelectric power station in Zwierzyn to the mouth of the Hoczewka River is a special fishing ground. A year-long licence costs 1200 zlotys and a daily licence costs 60 zlotys. They can be purchased from the guards or in Regional Angling Association in Krosno, telephone number 0134365568.

Mountain rivers include: the River San upstream from the first elbow in Rajskie together with tributaries, the River Hoczewka and Solinka from the third bridge in Bukowiec together with tributaries. Acceptable methods of fishing are spinning and an artificial fly. Protective size of trout is 40 centimetres. The Myczkowieckie Lake is recognized as a mountain lake where rules of fishing are very complicated. Above a bridge in Solina to a dam where the lair is situated, fishing is prohibited. From the bridge in Solina to a quarry in Bóbrka an artificial fly and spinning are allowed. From the quarry to the dam in Myczkowce all methods of fishing are allowed but only with one fishing rod. The Solińskie Lake is classified as lowland water. Rules of fishing for pleasure operate here. Troling is allowed from June. The most popular species are carp, perch, pikeperch and occasionally catfish, pike, and sea trout. Bream and roach are fished the most frequently. Fishing is prohibited on territory of The Bieszczadzki National Park and nature reserves.

Useful information: Anglers who have valid membership subscription may purchase one-day licences on lowland river for 10 zlotys and on mountain river for 20 zlotys. Those who do not have a rod licence may fish in private fishing grounds in farm tourism in Przysłup and Berezka.

Licences can be purchased in Polańczyk in a seat of the Angling Association from Monday to Friday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and in so called ,,sadze’’ from Mr. Andrzej Mikołajczak next to an entrance to a ferry heading for The Energetyk Island.

Additional information can be obtained in Lesko at addresses stated:

9 Kmita Street, from Moday to Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

6 1000-lecia Street, from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

On holidays information can be obtained everyday in angling centre in Polańczyk along a road to Wolkowyja (before switchbacks)

Fishing ground Myczkowce – on the River San

An asphalt road which ends near a power plant in Zwierzyn will lead us to the fishing ground. Setting off from Lesko we should head for Ustrzyki Dolne and in Uherce Mineralne turn towards Myczkowce and Zwierzyn. The fishing ground starts with the shallows below turbines in Zwierzyn(symbol 0). We need to bear in mind that there is a protective ground which ends 50 metres downstream. There are signs at the entrance and above water. All the way to the rock in Zwierzyn (symbol 1) grayling and trout can be fished in shallow and medium level of water. When there is a high water level in a river it is advisable to leave that place. The rock in Zwierzyn is a good place to fish grayling, perch, trout and danube salmon. In order to get there we need to turn right from the field track before we reach a power plant. It is possible to get to Bachlawa (symbol 7) from this side of the river but after a period of rain it is dangerous because puddles camouflage big potholes. The rock ends before the first island. In the left branch of the river we can fish trout and in the right one grayling. There is a great fishing ground of grayling and trout below the first island and before the second one (symbol 2).

The fishing ground is accessible also when there is a high water level in the river. Below the second island there are the same species of fish as between islands. Nevertheless, several hundred metres farther water swims faster and turns into the next shallows ‘under the wires’ (symbol 4). Here again we may expect trout and grayling. It needs to be underlined that it is much more pleasant to fish here in a shallow and medium water. A little bit lower we reach a hollow on the bottom of the river full of danube salmon (symbol 5). As the name itself indicates, we may fish danube salmon there but also grayling and trout. (‘The biggest trout I have ever seen was fished by A. Małeta and was 74 centimetres long’). Below the hollow it is possible to fish grayling and trout even when there is a high water level in the river. However, a better solution is to position oneself on the left bank of the river and walk upstream. In Średnia Wieś we will reach one of the best places for fishing (symbol 6). Next we pass the grayling shallows and an old bridge below a prison in Średnia Wieś and get to a ford in Bachlawa (symbol 7). It is a place where we can fish mainly grayling. The only problem is a lack of a car park there. Below this place the river turns into the shallows, so called ‘Bachlawa’ or ‘at the edge of the forest’ (symbol 8) where there are quite a lot of fish of various species and sizes. The biggest trout and grayling are fished here. While travelling on the route Lesko-Polanczyk we need to turn left on the bridge over the Hoczewka River into a dirt road. There are several hundred metres left to the mouth of the Hoczewka River (symbol 9) which is a boundary of the fishing ground. An access to this place is also very convenient.

Fishing ground Solina – in the Solińskie Lake

The Solińskie Lake is the biggest artificial reservoir in Poland. It is a storage reservoir with a cubic capacity of 474 million cubic metres, a surface area of 22 square metres and a shoreline of 156 kilometres. It was built to protect from floods in the San valley.

The water in the Solińskie Lake is extremely pure and classified as the firs standard of cleanliness. All species of freshwater fish may be fished there, e.g., pike and carp up to 15 kilogrammes.

Memebership subscriptions for Polish Angling Association of district of Przemyśl are in force here. Depending on the length of stay the subscription may be covered as follows:

  1. by making a payment

  2. personally in Przemyśl

There is an agreement between the authorities of the Polish Angling Association of two districts: Przemyśl and Krosno therefore the subscription may be paid in any of them.

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